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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 1, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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it is a very, very great victory for all of the people living with hiv. >> there are interests to protect them. india has become a leader in copying drugs, generating billions in profit, but they will be losing future research and development if these are not protected. it is not very strong. whether it is global or national. >> it is the rest of versus the west, and for this time, they have one, the the dispute is far from over. millions of patients depend on cheap copies of western drugs manufactured in india. had the decision gone the other way, they say their lifeline
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would have been cut. but who is going to pay for the research around these treatments in the first place? but critics say drug companies to often ignore the poor and only look for cure is to the diseases of the wealthy. they say the cheap drugs help to fill this gap. bbc news. >> so what does this ruling mean for drug companies around the world? a senior fellow at project hope, a group providing health care around the globe. is it true what the drug companies say, that research and development into new drugs will and if this happens? >> it will not end. the question is whether it will slow down. the generics will grow. it is whether they will have patent protection in areas that ought to be under patent. in this case, 40 countries had
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recognized the patent that novartis had claimed. that is a little different though then sometimes the argument we hear, which is whether the primary patent should be upheld. in this case, it was a follow-on patent, not the basic patent. it is a secondary patent. >> yes, so whether after a certain number of years, the patent should expiry. >> and whether you get a related patent, if the relationship is enough to warrant a new patent. that is really what this case is about. >> do we know how much research and development of a drug actually costs? the profits that drug companies make and the amount that they spend on research and development, do we know what that equation looks like? >> you need to be careful to look at two pieces. one is what does it cost to invent a drug like this, but the willd is how many misses
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the drug company have in order to capture a drug. >> they may do research on a drug that never comes to something. >> actually, most of the money they spend never comes to fruition. >> what can they do to avoid the position that they have got themselves into with the supreme court in india today. they already had differential pricing in some countries. this is going to give poor patients, who are earning little, a cheaper price, and they can sell in the west at a more expensive price. >> there is some price variation. some pharmaceutical companies will make contributions to poor countries so they can provide the drugs to the really poor citizens in the country. there is this trade-off as to how much they want to make
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thany available to other the very poorest of the poor. a country like india, 2 billion strong, they have a middle- class, as well. question of what happens next. the drug is already on the market. nothing is going to change that with market distribution. they could be electing to put their newer drugs in india not unless they get patent protection before, especially if it is a follow-on. a case being watched by patients and drug companies around the world. and bumping up the rhetoric, a cautious response from the white house to the latest north korean threats of war, but the language is being taken seriously. it was said there will be a
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strong response should p'yongyang attack. we have this report. north traffic jams into korea were as long as ever this morning. hundreds of factory managers making their way into the industrial zone just across the border. the complex gives them access to cheap north korean labor and gives north korea desperately needed income. what is it like for these cross- border commuters, now that p'yongyang is speaking of war with the south? >> everything seems to be very calm and quiet over there. we never have the chance to talk politics with north koreans, but i do not think anything is going to happen. >> more than 50,000 north koreans working in the industrial zone, a hangover from the war era. there are threats of military strikes, and even cutting the
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military communications mine here. but then, on both sides, they are surrounded by their past. in seoul, korea, fiery rhetoric, but people here are used to the bluster of p'yongyang. and looking at their latest iphone gadgets about the potential conflict. there were the recent p'yongyang nuclear tests. that affectedntry this commuter greeted today. he was greeted by a television camera, eager to record his impressions. he says many say there are the drumbeats of war. is the real test of the north-south relations, the industrial zone, a key source of revenue for the north.
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whenever the threats p'yongyang might issue, they look at change at the operation here. bbc news, on the border. >> interesting with those border issues. more on the rise in tensions. i spoke with a senior fellow on proliferation. what is your take on this? we are hearing a lot out of north korea. the tension seemed to be rising, a thought that there is not much behind it. is it rhetoric, or is it real? >> we have heard this before, but it does feel different this time. there is a state of war, so to speak. >> have they done that before? >> they nullify the armistice that ended the korean war, so, clearly, there are ratcheting up the tensions and creating a
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warlike situation on the korean peninsula. they also serious because are looking at being militarily , soy, at least in rhetoric this considerably widens the room for any mistakes or errors that could spiral into a conflict. >> we were getting reports as going on air that the u.s. had moved a destroyer to shoot down any north korean missiles into waters in that region. what do you make of that? >> we are seeing movement by the u.s. military. this seems to be a show of u.s. showing the support for its allies, including japan, sending a message to north korea. >> you mentioned the possibility in this kind of a
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situation of a mistake being made, perhaps south korea being pushed into something. what is the kind of thing you are thinking of? what is the kind of thing that could force conflict? >> well, conventional wisdom is that the north may not be the first one but could provoke just enough, just short of war. the intent, the shelling of a south korean island. a scenario like that would prompt a reaction. >> much more than we saw in 2010? >> south korea's seems to be ready for that. they have ordered the military to be not only on full alert, but she has basically given her military permission to retaliate with out confirmation from seoul, korea, so that shows you. this is serious, because if the north pushes even to that extent
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that would prompt or force south korea joining with the u.s. to react, that could potentially spiral into unintentional conflict. >> a very worrying scenario. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> a quick look now at other news from around the world. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty for the man accused of shooting 12 people and injuring more at a cinema in colorado. james holmes is expected to plead not guilty, with his lawyers arguing he was insane at the time of the attack. the former south african president nelson mandela has spent a six the day in the hospital with members of his family by his side as he is treated for pneumonia. they said his condition has improved. he is 94 and has had three spills in the hospital since last year. patrolling the streets of timbuktu, hunting islamic extremists.
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the increased activity follows clashes there on the weekend and fierce fighting in the morning. there was a flare-up after a suicide bomber attempted a situation at a checkpoint. i spoke to our reporter their a short while ago. mali, itt in northern seems like timbuktu has been shut down for just a few people. >> yes, what is happening is the french have been able to break their neck, as they say, for the north, where the allies were able to establish their headquarters over the past few years. they have cut off the supply and the routes they were taking for their trafficking, but these routes, they are able now to try to get at the hearts of major towns.
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these are not daily attacks. obviously, it brings fear to the population. remember your reporting at the beginning of this conflict, taking some of these towns would be easy for the french, but actually clearing them would be much more difficult. i know you have been out on patrol. how committed are they to this operation? >> it is extremely difficult, indeed, and there is no doubt at all that the french have been able to do a massive job in northern mali. they were able to serious hit -- seriously hit the jihadist groups. a vast you secure such
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region? them, whenl with they have undoubtedly been able to fully? have you make sure that these fighters do not come back, and this is exactly what is happening now. they are able to come back to the towns that were liberated two months ago. this is now what the french are facing, with the mining forces and the other african forces. they have to launch preparations in the cities and around the cities to make sure these towns are finally secure. >> ok, from timbuktu, thank you. the threat of islamic extremists. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on today's program, imagine spending 20 years in prison for a crime you did not commit. we need a man who is putting the
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past behind him with a new life. get is something you do not to say every day. tonight, we are going to look inside of the mongolian stock exchange. the country has been described as the saudi arabia of minerals. off.d they are trading has opened on the mongolian stock exchange. wall street, this is not. they are only open for three hours a day, though this should not be a surprise. until recently, this was the smallest stock exchange in the world. it was under $100 million for the total market capitalization recently. now $1.50lication is million. willraders are hoping it expand again, as mongolia begins
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to prove that it can explore its incredible treasure trove of mineral riches. the growth may have slowed, but there is good reason to think it will pick up again, said the man in charge of this place. it grew 17.8%, and in 2012, we had quite high growth. largest mines has not come into production yet. this is as well as investing in the country. >> immokalee and stock market may be small, but the nation's mineral reserves are not. this country is often described as the saudi arabia of minerals. they are trying, to make sure that every
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mongolian benefits from this wealth. bbc news, malia. -- mongolia. one of the biggest challenges facing the new chinese leaders is about the internet, but the company -- country propaganda chief thinks the online world could be an ally rather than an enemy. our reporter explains. for the heartse and minds of its citizens, the chinese government has opened up a new exit. look like just another shoot them of video game, but it is, in fact, the latest chinese propaganda tool. in the past few months, it has been downloaded more than 1 million times. >> the game was originally meant as a training aid for chinese
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soldiers. it has been shown on state television, with them gaming away. >> this appears to bear more than a passing resemblance to the u.s. or its allies, raising questions about just what real- life scenarios they are training for. >> give them trouble and harassed the fishermen. >> the public will, according to the developers, help instill a patriotic values and, perhaps, drum up new recruits. the young boys. from the bottom rung. they like to have guns and fight. can makeideo game their dream come true. chinese internet cafes used to be frowned on by the communist authorities. asline games were described
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electronic heroin. the game consoles are still officially banned. swift about-face, another sign that the chinese government is not just censoring the internet, banning search terms, and the leading posts, but it is trying to harness its power, too. the country already has an army of communist party bloggers, posting comments in support of the government. now, this is simply the latest weapon. china is not the first to make a video game for trade. there was one with the u.s. army 10 years ago, but influencing the wider public is more ambitious, and a virtual world, it is a fight that is going to intensify. bbc news, shanghai. >> the amazing reach an impact
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of video games. totally addicted to those kinds of movies. now, to the latest in our series. one was just 16 years old when he was convicted of a murder he did not commit. 20 years later, when i witnesses admitted that they had lied, he was released from jail. recently, he talked about creating a dream after a nightmare. >> my life was on hold. lord?hy me, what have i ever done to deserve -- ♪ >> i was arrested and convicted, and the crime was that of a murderer, so i was sentenced to life.
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it was basically to never get out ever again. so now the i am home, i am a proud student. all of the dreams i have had in my life were to go to school. one of the things people in my life had is that they were all educated. here in los angeles, very, very notorious, and looking back now, it was hard to imagine someone so young trying to stay afloat in a very dark place. i always dreamed of getting out. i've always dreamed of getting out and going to school. i dreamed about being with my family, politics, and i dreamed big dreams from a place where dreams did not exist, and your will is infinite. i would just write letters. i wrote organization letters, to
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lawyers, judges, many times reaching out to anyone i thought you would be interested in my story. that went on for 15 years, and i was a very long time in my incarceration until i found someone to help, an attorney, a law firm, and it all came together for me. >> the man was released from downtown los angeles this afternoon after spending 20 years in prison. >> people were really baffled as to why i am not mad. why am i not angry? if i were negative and angry and bitter, it would have eventually turned on myself and destroyed me. a nation that makes you feel alive on a daily basis. this is who i want to be and what i want to do.
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my voice has power. my voice can be heard. and to amend my voice and to focus my voice on issues that are not only close to my heart that involve people i care about, something i can do in a positive way, which i think i have been doing on some level. my name is frank. i am a free man. amazing that is an story, on his dreams that he has after spending 20 years in prison for crimes he did not commit. that brings the show to a close. remember, you can carry on watching "bbc world news" on our 24 hour news network. all you have to do is check out your local listings. you can find me on twitter. for more, thanks so much for watching.
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